Website design and development

We can create a website for your U.S. market

This service is intended for Japanese manufacturers expanding their business to the U.S. market.

We will create a website clearly showcasing in English your factory’s strengths and product information. In addition, we will provide continuous support (optional, additional fees may apply) to maintain the website efficiently even after production is completed.


Japanese staff with professional experience in the United States

A quality website is one of the most important sales tools for Japanese companies entering the U.S. market, however, the difference between Japanese and American cultures as well as design preferences can sometimes present challenges. At NC Network Inc., a team of Japanese-speaking professionals who understand American culture works to create a unique website for you. We have Japanese writers, English copy editors, graphic designers, photographers, and social media managers. While communicating with you in Japanese, we will create design and content tailored to be effective in the U.S. market.


What only NC can offer

We know the needs and wants of manufacturers, and it is reflected when we create a website for a client.


Website production flow


Inquiry ⇒ consultation⇒ estimate ⇒ purchase order⇒ contract
To make an accurate estimate, we will interview you and evaluate your specific website needs.
Company visit or online meeting
We will visit your company or set up an online meeting to discuss production content. During the meeting, we will talk in detail about the content and photo needs, desired look and feel and the overall goals.
Project sheet creation
We will create a “project sheet” that combines workflow and delivery schedule for your website. From then on, we will proceed with a project based on the project sheet and periodically share with you the progress.
Photography / video shooting (optional)
A professional photographer will shoot photos as needed. (Available only in Los Angeles vicinity.)
We will decide the “home” (top) page based on your goal.
Development / content creation
We will build a website with the approved design on a test server. In the meantime, we put catchphrases, copies, photos and videos into the web pages while keeping in close communication with you.
Final checking/ editing / correction
We check the entire website, including content and button/link functions with you.
Website launch
When all corrections are done, we publish the website under your domain.
Update training/manual
After the website is published, we will train you on how to do an update and give you a manual so that you can make minor changes within your company.
Maintenance service (optional)
We also offer monthly maintenance services, traffic analysis, social media marketing, newsletter setup and writing, web design changes, etc. (Additional charge).